47 thoughts on “This what my friend bought from his dealer. Did somebody draw with a highlight…

  1. Jahie Nix says:

    If u payed for it that mean you was either one go smoke it or jus using it for a trend on FB maybe both

  2. Shaun Marsh says:

    Looks like you got weed right after being pulled that or that just picked you a branch off there plant while still growing

  3. Jacob Burks says:

    So sad a dude cant be honest and sell some decent shit he wouldnt wanna smoke that shit him self probably coloring some stems with highlighter I ain’t never heard such a thing such lunacy

  4. Jessee Addley says:

    I’m not allowed to comment cause every time I say anything. I get banned from fb, so im just gonna laugh this time 😂

  5. Damien Diedericks says:

    Picked too early off the tree bet its gonna taste young and undeveloped, very little terpenes and to top the bud looks mouldy and rotten.

  6. Hernandez Gloria says:

    I tried bubble gum before but it wasn’t this color over all not the stems and bud it was bright green and smelled so good 😩

  7. Steven Wilson Jr. says:

    Imagine after smoking it you started to glow in the dark 😂
    Like that useless power in the movie Sky High but handy in the dark 😂

  8. Joel Beckett says:

    Your dealer is garbage bro the bud looks shit and those stems take up most of the weight ffs… If your gonna accept it you should tell him to cut them off and replace it with bud gtfo I wouldn’t even accept it tbf go elsewhere I have like 20 different contacts lol but my main man deals high grade so I don’t need to worry about things like this 🤪

  9. Miranda Richter says:

    Wtf🤔 that’s what it really looks like lol.. why would they do that like the color of the stems even matter🤡🤷🏼‍♀️

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