43 thoughts on “Do I have a Male plant here?

  1. Jack Kirkland says:

    Fuck alright thanks guys he wasnt too close too the other ladies and it’s not been super long I didnt see any open pollen sacks which is what would screw up my girls right?

  2. Deryl Mason says:

    Gently put a bag over and seal at the stem, slowly remove from the room and burn the fucker, unless you want thousands of regular seeds or cross breed other strains, it’s up to you. Peace

  3. Eduardo Colón says:

    Males are great, simply do what Deryl Mason said. If you want to save it because it’s a strong strain, put it far the fuck away where there’s no way that air could get into your grow. When first few pollen sacs bust, freeze it. Later you can cross a strain with it. Otherwise, burn it.

  4. Jack Kirkland says:

    Thanks everyone I pulled him! I’m thinking it’s a female that hermed but regardless it’s been pulled and lets hope my females are all ok

  5. Shawn S McIntyre says:

    Gently put a garbage bag over him, then remove it. This will stop any more pollin sacks from shooting their load, shall we say, and fertilizing any of your girls.

  6. Raymond Robbins says:

    I cant tell with the picture being all purple but it does look like you have a polen sack there. Not sure.

  7. Jack Kirkland says:

    Thanks everyone I pulled him and will be spraying all my girls with water and hoping none of them got any/much pollen on them

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