Coroner Says Woman Died From THC Overdose, Experts Skeptical

Coroner Says Woman Died From THC Overdose, Experts Skeptical

A 39-year-old woman Louisiana woman was the first person to have ever died from a marijuana overdose, according to local officials.


38 thoughts on “Coroner Says Woman Died From THC Overdose, Experts Skeptical

  1. Mclemore Tim says:

    All I have to say is everybody’s boddy is different the girl could have had a shit tone of ros oile and she didn’t know how to take it could have sent into a panic attack which can lead to a heart attack … only reason I know this is possible cuz my brother did it everybody’s body is different not one is the same

  2. Russell Redden says:

    It is possible that the combination of the prescription drug, she took for respiratory distress, with thc killed her.
    Sometimes athsma-type medications can kill by themselves.

  3. Corey Murphy says:

    I get bad panick attacts when I smoke now…. I always preferred flower and tried concentrates for a while a few years back…. now my anxiety is so bad I have to take low doses of anxiety meds and can barely smoke or makes me feel like someone is standing on my neck and then I get in my head and and think the worst making it worst… I’ve had to be hospitalized a few times and the ambulance come a few times…. its slowly gotten a little better but I highly doubt it will ever go away…. it saddens me because I used to be able to smoke and smoke and smoke and smoke… I’m lucky if i can choke down a couple bowls a day, if that….

    Know where you stuff comes from, and what works for you… also not really sure if we should have tampered with this magical plant, show be left at flower and that’s it… these higher levels of thc will induce mild to servicer helosinations and can make you feel things in your body even if not hallucinating…. pushing to far… and it will push back…. if it helps with disease and illness then of course get what you need but other than that the normal person, flower is plenty….

  4. Dylan Michael says:

    You have to smoke like 2000 pounds in 6 minuets or something to be even close and I highly doubt she had that much

  5. Stanley Lang says:

    So this would literally only be possible if someone is to try and inject say melted dab for example, there would be copious amounts of thc in the system, the thc playing no part in the death at all but due to the thickness of the thc rescen blocking an artery or even just an air bubble in the syringe would be the only plausible explanation

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