Cannabis Companies Push F.D.A. to Ease Rules on CBD Products

Finally seeing some movement from the F.D.A. to aid us in our prohibition end! ✊️❤️WASHINGTON — For weeks, the elite of the cannabis trade have been badgering the Food and Drug Administration for a coveted speaking slot on Friday at the agency’s summit on cannabis-derived consumer goods. Blue-chip lawyers were rejected. Scientists were spurned. The […]

Newly legalized hemp industry set to create a jobs boom in the US

Super happy to see so many jobs opening up out there! ❤️??CBD!! It won’t get you high, but lots of people are high on hemp. Thanks to the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill last December, hemp — marijuana’s no-buzz cousin — is no longer a federally illegal controlled substance. A provision in the bill […]

As CBD Oils Become More Popular, The FDA Considers Whether To Set New Rules

Hopefully the FDA will side with the people! ❤️?Come on! The Food and Drug Administration is holding its first public hearing on CBD, the cannabis extract that has quickly grown into a billion-dollar industry. Today’s hearing will help officials determine how to regulate CBD products. The compound can be extracted from marijuana or from hemp. […]

California may soon join other states in legalizing CBD foods, bypassing FDA

So happy to see other states joining in the support! ❤️?Oh CALI!?! You ready now?? Despite the drama surrounding hemp cultivation in California, state lawmakers appear likely to not only legalize CBD but also permit the sale of hemp-derived CBD foods, beverages and cosmetics. A bill to authorize CBD foods was unanimously approved by the […]

By 2025, the U.S. Hemp-based CBD Industry Will Be a $6 Billion Opportunity—Snack Industry Take Note

Wow, that is HUGE,! It’s exciting to be here right now and watching everything build up! ❤️?! #BetterEconomyWHAT!? BY 2025, THE U.S. HEMP-BASED CBD INDUSTRY WILL BE A $6 BILLION OPPORTUNITY—SNACK INDUSTRY TAKE NOTE Within the U.S., non-consumable, hemp-based cannabidiol (CBD) products have been popping up on shelves within major retail outlets—and are generating big […]